Monday, September 24, 2007


What do you think about this logo?

I've also worked out a scale model for the front of the bus:


kaja said...

that logo is cool and everything i get a massage? the department of education told me to contact you.


Edwin said...

Ben, I'm beginning to worry. Your layout diagram has a driver's seat, but I don't see any other. Are you going to strap me to the top of the bus for our trip back to NYC?

Jon said...

This is my first blog post of any kind, really.

I lke BioBus better than BioStar. Alliterations are always appreciated.

What is your first NYC program going to be? Will there be any victims ("students"), or merely a demo of things to come?

Ben DT said...

It is nightime at Flowershop and all through the house - not a soul is stirring, except for the mouse.

Yes, BioStar1, a.k.a. Sammy Bussie, is of the type biobus, so you can call it biobus if you like. I do.

A real-honest-to-goodness co-pilot's seat is on its way. It is taking some time since it needs to fold or be easily removable in order to make way for entering and exiting the bus.

Perhaps the finger lakes school told someone at the Dept. of Education's Office of Professions that I once requested an application for admission, but whatever the reason my application has been at the state board for physchology, massage therapy, and the clinical laboratory technology professions for almost 5 weeks. Ahhhhhhhhhh bureaucracy.

The NY program would be hands on with students. If it happens. More on that soon - but apparently Columbia University Facilities has a problem with BioBus.