Friday, February 15, 2008

Microscopes On-Line

This was a really big week!

First, announcements for the inaugural Open Bus were posted, and a mailing list was established to spread the word. Sign-up to stay in the know.

Second, the new website gets more and more hits everyday - 100 hits on Wednesday. Martin Halla has volunteered to expand and develop the site.

Third, Andy Gerson of Olympus delivered a new microscope and camera!

Fourth, I found out that I can get fresh karp fish scales every Tuesday and Wednesday.

Fifth, I had my first student on the bus today, and together we recorded the first cells to be imaged on the bus!

Sixth through I'm-going-to-stop-counting now: Ublip donated a GPS tracker, Fetch Softworks and Marware donated software, and the BioBus Facebook group is going strong!

Please spread the word about the open bus - especially to K-12 students and teachers! I had a meeting with my friend Laura today and we think we can get enough footage for a short, 5 minute video piece about the bus to use on the website and other promotional material.

Want to know "why karp-fish?" and "whats with their scales?" OHHHHH you're gonna have to work for that one.

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