Wednesday, January 9, 2008


The bus and I are at US Coach in Berlin New Jersey right now because the bus is a little sick and that is a good place to work on things - the guys there are letting me borrow tools when I need them and are giving me good advice.

There is a wiring problem with the transmission - I am having trouble shifting from forward to reverse. There is a short circuit somewhere and I'm in the process of tracking it down. I have been blessed with amazing weather the last few days and lasting at least until tomorrow I hope. I might be done by the end of the day tomorrow and then I will drive back to Brooklyn! The wiring on the bus is all original as far as I know - 30 something years old. Interestingly, the wires that are failing are all in the engine compartment - high heat and oil and dirt and water taking their tole. And most of the problems I have found so far is crimp-on connectors falling off the wires - hopefully I will just have to replace all these connectors and not have to replace all the wires themselves.

I am looking for a space to park the bus in doors in NYC. This will be very important for the next phase of things - actually getting the microscopes setup and experiments working. I can't deal with worrying about the microscopes getting stolen all the time - the bus is too easy to break into.

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