Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Oil Hunting

What a couple of days! About 30 minutes ago we pumped about 30 gallons of grease from the Flowershop stockpile into the dirty tank. Everything is ready for the first test of the entire system tomorrow morning - coolant is flowing (after installing some bleeder valves), the pumps are all wired (after some surgical soldering and electrical taping), and the all the connections have been made. Looking forward to relaying the good news that the BioBus is running on veggie oil!!

Tons of other progress as well. Ed and I slept on the new bed last night and survived, the new wiring in the back is almost complete, and lots of other great stuff. Well, I'll leave you with a bunch of photographs before going to bed.

Gloria and Eddy working on the bed

Sunny the Dragon

Aaron working his magic on the grease collection pump

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